Calling All Artists: Battersea Art Station Needs You

Close your eyes: how do you see Battersea Power Station? With smoke pluming out of the four famous chimneys? In the midst of a full-on cultural festival? Standing alone, a solitary giant, without another soul around? Battersea Power Station has long had a strong place in the hearts of Londoners, oft penned, painted and printed by […]

Venus Over Manhattan Goes to California

Whatever else he is—collector, dealer, rich guy—Adam Lindemann is also a man who respects stationary. Just a few days after he announced his gallery, Venus Over Manhattan, would open a 15,000-square-foot space in Los Angeles this spring, the heading on the letters at his 980 Madison Avenue gallery—named for the sculpture on the building’s facade—had […]

Photo of an Alma Thomas Painting in the White House

It’s a beautiful Wednesday afternoon here in New York City—about 70 degrees and partly cloudy—and it just feels like the right time to share this photo, which has Alma Thomas’s Resurrection (1966), a stunner of a painting, presiding over a Passover seder in the White House’s family dining room. (This photo was shot during Passover, and […]

Morning Links: First Amendment Art Edition

Work to renovate Auckland Castle in County Durham, England—historically the residence (but since 2010 just the office) of the Bishop of Durham—has begun, which will cost £17 million. It’s one of the most ambitious heritage regeneration projects in England in recent decades, and is being substantially funded by Jonathan Ruffer, a London-based investment banker. [The Art […]

Morning Links: Leonardo da Vinci Edition

It’s Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday today, and the biggest exhibition of his works since 1939, “Leonardo 1452-1519,” opens at the Palazzo Reale this month, coinciding with the Milan Expo 2015. The show will include Leonardo’s paintings, drawings, sketches, manuscripts and codexes, along with contextualizing works by his peers. [The Art Newspaper] No related posts.

Joshua Reynolds

Sir Joshua Reynolds was a famous English painter and portraitist. He was born on July 16, 1723 in Plympton county. The son of a pastor, in early childhood he became interested in painting. He read classic literature, tried to copy engravings. Initially, the parents wanted the boy to become a doctor, but when they noticed […]